Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GIVING HEAD: is it a chore or is it pleasure?

DISCLAIMER: Am only sharing.
My gal Allison wrote this somewhere and I felt I can share this.
Dont mistake they aint my thoughts am only sharing.

I saw a rerun of HBO's Real Sex about a month ago and there was a segment where this woman was giving fellatio instructions to women who wanted to improve their head game.

The instructor had a dishwasher filled with a couple dozen of dozen synthetic male appendages, which she proceeded to bag up and take to a "Tupperware" type party. She had chicks sitting around following her instructions on how to suck a d-i-c-k. They were all sucking and stroking the fake appendage like they were really trying to win the "Superhead" award.

I was like shyt why in the world do these women need instructions on something that comes so naturally. But I could be wrong. Maybe it's the freak in me or maybe it's my big juicy lips that makes it so easy for me to please orally. I especially I love giving head when I LOVE the man I'm sucking. Also, the shape, width and length have a lot to do with whether or not I'll engage in deep-throating.

When it's a perfect fit, I love the slide and the glide inside my mouth. Mmm. I always keep it tasty and interesting, coating my favorite appendage with melted chocolate or something sweet and warm, cool, or minty it all depends on my mood.

In praise of the perfect p-e-n-i-s, I really must say, that there have been some d-i-c-k-s in my life that were so beautifully sculpted, fit so comfortably between my lips, penetrating so deeply, that the helmet-shaped head touched the back of my throat and brought tears to my eyes and nearly made me choke with joy, of course. That choking sensation makes it extra juicy inside my mouth, allowing even deeper oral penetration.

I've never met a man who didn't love getting his helmet licked and d-i-c-k sucked, but I wonder... can most women work their mouths or do some need to tighten up their head game?

Men, if your woman isn't proficient in that department, do you turn it down and just aim for the punany? Do you grin and bear it, putting up with mediocre fellatio? Or are you comfortable enough with the topic to gently point out what she's doing wrong?

I've heard that some women really and truly HATE giving head. Ladies, how do feel about going down? Do you simply want to get it over with or do you love giving as much as you love receiving?