Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Gap

Sometimes reflections takes one far and for me when I do take time to reflect over things and think deep sometimes I do end up locking myself in a shell, a shell that people around me find it hard to crack and after I recover I pull myself out and deal with what's on offer.
Over the past few months have seen movements in my life and to some extend it has been overwhelming and draining. But one thing that has stood is the support from the people close to me. I have shed tears tons of it but at the end of it all have learnt and stronger than what have faced.
The most important lesson have learnt from all the events is that there is a place where most women should make their dwelling place... The Prayer corner... on days that I never thought I will look outside and see the light I have found strength and courage from just surrendering. It will never be easy.
I remember my mum used to pray over us and she used to ask God to give her the strength to stand in the gap.. Today I have know what that gap means and how its not for the faint hearted. It is a great place when you get to understand.
It will never matter what one has gone through, It will never matter what you have faced but just being still and knowing there is a higher power that takes care of all is comforting feeling.

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Sandman said...

Tis true, the happiest people seem to be those rooted in their spirituality. God can make any way where there's none...3 years later, I think it all worked out.